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Manuscript need cosmetic surgery...or CPR?

Have you completed the first draft of a novel, short story, or play? Unsure what to do next?

Maybe you’ve committed one of the 101 WORST MISTAKES writers make in their first draft. Not sure what they are?

Go here to find out! You’ll need to create a FREE membership to author and teacher Holly Lisle’s website (don’t worry, Holly guards email addresses wholeheartedly). Then, once you’ve read the list and see the mistakes you’ve made on it, enter to WIN one of her 34 fabulous prizes.

ONE grand prize winner will receive entrance, free of charge, to all three of Holly’s major courses: How To Think Sideways, How to Revise Your Novel, and How To Write a Series. (Winner may not be a current member of any of those courses.)

THREE winners will receive entrance, free of charge, to How To Revise Your Novel. (Winner may not be a current member of HTRYN.)

FIVE winners will receive, free of charge, a bundle containing every single ebook in Holly’s store, fiction and nonfiction both (courses not included).

FIVE winners will receive, free of charge, a 2-course combo of How To Motivate Yourself and Writing Discipline.

TWENTY winners will receive a 25% off coupon, good for any single shopping cart purchase in Holly’s store (not valid for course memberships).

EVERY entrant receives a pdf download: “101 Worst Things That Go Wrong in First Draft.”

The contest is over at 11:30 a.m. EST on Monday, August 5. Check it out today!

P.S. If you sign up for one of Holly’s courses while you’re there AND you are one of the winners of that course, your payment will be refunded. Sweet deal!

P.P.S. Her courses are guaranteed. That means if you don’t find her teaching style works for you, you can stop at any time.

P.P.P.S. I bought this course in 2010 and I can guarantee that it does all that it promises to do and more. If you do the work, that is. I am an affiliate of Holly Lisle’s and will receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links on this site.


How To Think Sideways ULTRA: Career Survival School For Writers

A few days ago Holly Lisle reopened the doors of her most popular professional creative writing course, How to Think Sideways Ultra (HTTS Ultra). I have been Holly’s student for a long time (since 2010 when I enrolled in her How to Revise Your Novel course, to be except) and I can’t say enough good things about her writing courses. She demystifies the process of writing without killing your own creativity in the process. I know that I would not have finished 2 novels by now if I had not taken her writing courses.

I’m currently taking How to Think Sideways and so far I am very satisfied with my purchase 😉 It’s so good to finally have a working process for things I have been doing for years when it comes to writing. HTTS has taught me how to bring forth (great) story ideas at will, how to organize myself to write, how to organize and plan my novels before I start writing them, and so much more. If you want to write professionally, as I do, then I think this is the best course out there you can take.

So much from me…I also suggest you click through to the sales page, since it has a lot more info about the course. –> HTTS ULTRA (link opens in a new window)

P:S. Please note that I’m a course affiliate, but I would never recommend something I haven’t tried and know to be effective. If you decide to get the course, you’ll be helping me if you buy through my link.. and I appreciate the help 😉 Holly also has a great refund policy, so you have nothing to lose if you try out the course.


Creative Writing Prompts Book Available Now

17 September 2012

An ebook filled with creative writing prompts in the form of random words writing prompts, random phrases writing prompts, and story starter sentences is finally available to buy from the Amazon Kindle store. The prompts in Creative Writing Prompts: Random Words, Phrases and Sentence Prompts to Help You Write are not the same as the […]

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Picture Writing Prompts: Napping

15 June 2011

Today we have the picture writing prompt creative writing exercise. I’m sure you all know how to go about using these to get inspired, but if you do not, then check out the instructions below. Before you take a look at the photo and let your creativity flow though, I would just like to ask […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Story Starter Sentence #37

8 June 2011

Time for this week’s creative writing exercise! Today it is in the form of a story starter sentence and, despite appearances, this exercise is also very well suited to poets. All you must do is simply take the meaning of the sentence and apply it to your creation. Before we get started, though, I would […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Random Words to a Story #37

1 June 2011

Today it’s time for the random words creative writing prompts. This exercise is really simple and really effective and lends itself equally well to all types of writers-from poets to fiction writers and everyone in between. All you have to do is let the words below inspire you to write. Before I give you the […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Random Phrases to a Story #31

25 May 2011

Another week has gone by and it is time for a fresh creative writing prompt. Today it is time for the random phrases writing prompt. These are fun and slightly easier than the words prompts, in my opinion. They also lend themselves equally well to poets as well as writers. But before I get to […]

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Picture Writing Prompts: Mist

18 May 2011

Today I have another picture writing prompt for you to practice your writing on. But before we get to it, I would just like to mention that, if you enjoy these writing prompts, please consider signing up for my newsletter here, or in the sidebar of this web page. Thank you! And now on to […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Story Starter Sentence #36

11 May 2011

All right, here’s a new creative writing exercise for you to try your hand at. Today we have the story starter sentence creative writing prompt. Writers, you should use the sentence in your story somewhere, while poets can just take the meaning, the emotion or the feeling from it and work it into their poem. […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Random Words to a Story #36

4 May 2011

Today I have a creative writing prompt in the form of random words for you. This one is simple and sweet. Just use the words listed below in a poem, short story or piece of flash fiction. And remember, when doing this exercise, set aside a time and just write. Thirty minutes should be sufficient, […]

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