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5 Commandments To Get More Writing Done

June 21, 2010

in Creative Writing Ideas

All writers have a need to write, but it is not so easy to translate this need into actual stories, poems or novels. Part of the reason why this is so, is because it is all too often thought that to write (or to write well) one needs to wait to be inspired to do so. But if you do that, as you’re most likely aware by now, you will not get much writing done. In other words, you must write even when you are not inspired to do so! That’s all there is to it and below is a simple, barebones list of 10 steps to take to get writing.

So think of these as writing commandments and just do it:

  1. Make a decision to write everyday and stick to it.
  2. Set aside at least 15 minutes of pure writing time everyday.
  3. When you are not inspired, make use of writing exercises and prompts to get the writing done.
  4. Set writing goals for yourself, like, for example, writing one story a month.
  5. Finish all first drafts.

See, nothing hard, but if you stick to these five rules your writing will get better and you will find it easier to get even more writing done.

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