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Creative Writing Prompts: Story Starter Sentence #5

June 4, 2009

in Creative Writing Prompts

Time to do some serious work again today (meaning it’s time to write again, just to clarify). Today’s creative writing prompt will be in the form of a so-called story starter sentence, since it’s been awhile since we’ve had one. Now, regardless of the fact that it’s called a “story starter” sentence you don’t actually need to use it to start a story with it as a first sentence. It is merely supposed to help you get a story going, though it is advisable to just keep it as is in at least the first draft of the story. But the choice is your even on that one.

The purpose of this creative writing exercise, as it is with all creative writing prompts, is to help jog your imagination into producing a written piece of work. One of the most common misapprehensions about writing is that writers can only write when inspiration strikes, which is false. Writers must learn to be able to write at will, because it is only then that we can ever hope to master out craft and find some recognition and success. So time to do some writing practice…

The story starter sentence:

The factory clicks throughout the weird gutter.

The instructions:

You can either use this story starter sentence as a first sentence in your story, poem or flash, somewhere in the middle, or simple as the idea behind your story. Read the sentence a few times then spend some time thinking about it. Once the beginning of a story starts forming in your mind sit down and start writing it. Write for at least half an hour to an hour, and try to finish the story in one sitting, at least the skeleton of it. If you are unable to finish it, at least try to concentrate on one scene in the story, one event or situation, and try to describe that completely form beginning to end. Once you are done set your work aside for a few days and then return and finish it, since it’s always better to have finished stories than unfinished ones.

Until next time, stay creative!

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