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Picture Writing Prompts: In the Grass

February 23, 2011

in Picture Prompts

Today I am once again giving you the chance to hone your writing skill simply by looking at a picture. Well, no, it’s not quite so simple, you still have to do some writing. By the writing that you will do should be inspired by the image below. And if you enjoy these picture writing prompts, please take a moment to complete my survey. Also, if you enjoy writing prompts in general, please consider signing up for my monthly newsletter here, or in the sidebar of this web page. Thank you! And now on to the picture prompt for today…

Picture Writing Prompt: In the Grass

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The Instructions:

First look at the photo and let it inspire a story in your mind. Once you have it, start writing and write for at least 30 minutes. You should have a nice first draft to work with after you do this exercise. And it works just as well for poetry!

Stay creative!

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